Data is the lifeblood of your company

43% of U.S. companies experiencing data disasters never re-open, and another 29% close within 2 years. The loss of revenue for even an hour of downtime effects every industry and it is a significant loss to the bottom line.

You should ideally back up your virtual data offsite, to a dedicated backup server that is managed 24/7 in a secure environment. Parsec Data can be your resource. We utilize VEEAM as our virtual environment backup. It is a proven and reliable solution that is used by most of the Fortune 500 companies.

BCDR is provided for many companies who have mission critical data and need to have access to that data if something was to go down. A combined Veeam and VMware solution is both symbiotic and beneficial for a virtual environment’s ultimate success. Parsec provides Cloud Connect and individual licenses for virtual environments to fit any business requirements.

Our solutions can assist you

Reduce Unforeseen Costs involved with Disaster Recovery (downtime, labor, lost revenue)

Operate Critical IT Functions from any authorized computer via the internet

Business Continuity planning by utilizing our safe and secure infrastructure

High-Security Tier 3 Qualified Data Center for Back up