Switch Kit


arrowsThe Switch Kit is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily bring new accounts to your financial institution. The kit includes everything you need to convert your competitors’ accounts to your financial institution while giving your new customers/members the experience of a simple and seamless transition no matter how many accounts they transfer and/or consolidate at one time. The customers/members simply fill out a series of questions and the Switch Kit provides all the documentation that they will need to complete the process. There is a cover letter, a check list and one document per item that the user fills out. The Switch Kit can help transfer funds from an old account to a new account, direct deposit(s) and automatic payment(s) (ACH).

In order for your new customer/member to fill out a Switch Kit they simply have to open a new account with your financial institution (so there is a place to transfer the funds). Once their account is open all they have to do is go online to transfer funds and close their old accounts.


banking-switch-kitHelp your new customers/members cut ties to their previous financial institution with one clean sweep. They will appreciate the simplicity and ease of tying up all of their loose ends and thank you for making their switch to your bank or credit union as hassle free as flipping a switch.

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Find out everything you need to know and order online at: www.fiswitchkit.com