Parsec Hosts TecNet Event

May 27, 2014

Parsec hosted the May event, TecNet. With over 80 attendees, the night was very successful! The crowd enjoyed catered food from the Windmill and the infamous craft beer, Whitetail Wheat, from Montana Brew Pub while discussing challenges facing IT today. Guests toured Parsec’s Tier 3 Data Center and watched the authentication process complete with badges, key codes, man-traps and an iris scan. Once inside, the visitors were able to see exactly where “The Cloud” lives.

In the lobby, the conversation continued around virtualization, disaster recovery and replication. While companies big and small look to protect their data, move towards virtualization and ponder what the plan is in the event of a server meltdown, Parsec answered numerous questions on those very topics.

What is TecNet?
TecNet is a casual networking group for people who work in the technology field in the Billings, MT area. There are no membership costs, our events are free as food and drinks are provided by our wonderful sponsors. Contact Joann Pintz-Cole, Arrow Solutions Group: or 406-839-9118 for more information.