Parsec Team



Mike has been leading Nemont with strategy and vision as it’s CEO since 2009. He has over 32 years of telecommunications industry experience with assignments in both IXCs and CLECs. Mike began his career with Nemont as the Plant Operations Manager in March of 2005.  In this capacity, he oversaw all activities associated with Nemont’s Wireline and Wireless subsidiaries including Outside Plant/Construction, Network Engineering, Wireless Operations, Internet, Central Office, Installation & Repair, Facilities, and Customer Operations. He was promoted to the position of Assistant General Manager in 2008 and was named General Manager & CEO in May of 2009.   Prior to joining Nemont, Mr. Kilgore held a variety of operations, engineering, and management positions with MCI, Rockwell International, and McLeodUSA.  Mike holds an Electronics Technology Degree from Casper College and a Technical Management Degree from DeVry University.


Remi joined Nemont in March 2010 as Chief Financial Officer.  She oversees all areas of accounting, finance, customer and carrier billing, purchasing, inventory and regulatory affairs of Nemont and its four subsidiaries.  Remi has over 22 years of telecommunications industry experience and has held leadership roles in IT, Regulatory, Accounting and Finance.  She holds degrees in Accounting and Statistics, Finance & Marketing, and an MBA in Telecommunications Management.


Jerry is Chief Operating Officer at Nemont. He oversees the technical and customer operations of all Nemont and its subsidiary companies. Jerry is actively involved in managing all aspects of the business, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Switching, Wireless, Wireline, Internet, Local Access and Video Systems. Jerry has over 28 years of telecommunications industry experience and has managed local, national and international networks for companies such as WilTel, WorldCom and McLeod USA.


As Senior Data Center Engineer, Todd Morgan is responsible for Parsec Data Management’s technical operations. Todd has over 12 years of IT experience ranging from PC support to large scale commercial network projects. Todd has overall strategic and operational responsibility for all of Parsec Data’s virtual and hardware environments. He brings a unique “customer oriented” perspective from owning his own business. As the COE, he provides leadership to Parsec Data’s strategic planning process is responsible for implementing new systems and processes. In addition, Todd provides recommendations to our management team, serves as a liaison to our vendors and clients, and works to keep the team abreast of risks, opportunities, and challenges.


As Data Center Facilities Manager for PDM, Joel is responsible to ensure availability and reliability of all data center operations.  He is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of all electrical, mechanical, and HVAC equipment within the data center.

Joel is also responsible for leading enterprise compliance efforts, designing and implementing internal controls, coordinating regulatory audits, and establishing policies and procedures to assure compliance with industry regulations. He is also directly responsible for identifying vulnerabilities, threats, administering the access control process and managing risk. Additionally he trains employees and manages subcontractors to ensure compliance with security issues and compliance regulations. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Montana State University.